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Mohammad Malik (L)
Ady Sethi (R)

Mohammad is a 4th year studying Economics and Global Studies from Manassas, VA. Ady is a 4th year studying Economics and Statistics from Great Falls, VA. They started and currently lead PWP because it's something the community needs. Students are increasingly driven towards careers in doing well and doing good, and they wanted to use their experience to teach their peers how to find, access, and thrive in opportunities in impact investing.

Director of Training and Curriculum

Sajal Rohatgi

Sajal is a 3rd year studying Commerce and Computer Science from Centreville, VA. He joined PWP because he wanted to learn what impact investing really was. Since joining the organization, PWP has changed his perspective in investments and has allowed him to help the world while also pursuing business interests. Impact Investing is the future, and he's excited to be part of the ride.

Training and Curriculum Lead

Will Muller

Will is a 4th year studying Economics and minoring in Social Entrepreneurship from Cincinnati, OH. He joined PWP because he is passionate about utilizing the energy, drive, and mentality of entrepreneurship to solve social problems. PWP focuses on impact investing, a key force driving the growth of social enterprises. There is significant opportunity for good in the double-bottom line investing strategy that PWP supports.

Director of Outreach

Trisha Sinha

Trisha is a 4th year studying Systems Engineering and Economics from Clifton, VA. She joined PWP because the idea of making a positive social impact with the skills we learn in class and through PwP really resonated with her. As an engineering student, she also enjoys PwP's open learning environment - PWP makes sure that students of all majors can become members and no prior experience in impact investing is necessary.

External Communications Lead

Molly Newell

Molly is a 3rd year studying Public Policy and Media Studies from Reston, VA. She joined PwP because she wanted to learn how business practices could be used to alleviate public problems and to be a part of a growing community of social innovators and entrepreneurs.

Internal Communications & Logistics Lead

Isabel Wang

Isabel is a 3rd year studying Economics and Psychology from Shanghai, China. She joined PWP because the exective board of PwP is passionate about the things they do and put in 100% effort in doing that. She appreciates this kind of work environment where people are just propelled forward by their passion.

Fundraising Chair

Liam Flaherty

Liam is a 2nd year intending to studying Commerce from Barrington, RI. He joined PWP as an analyst in 2016 to merge his interests of investing and social impact.


Irena Huang

Irena is a 3rd year studying Commerce and Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law (PPL) from Greensboro, NC. She joined PWP because she wanted to learn more about impact investing and because everyone in the organization seemed driven to be responsible leaders.